• Diuretic,
  • Lactogenic,
  • Reduces Hyperglycemia
  • backache,
  • Debility,
  • Anaemia
  • Impaired nutrition
  • Increases the quantity and quality of the milk in nursing women
  • increases the appetite.


A hardy perennial herb growing up to 1 m in height.


Smooth and branched.


imparipinnate with 6 to 8 pairs of leaflets; stipules lanceolate, agitate on one side, leaflets bright, green, smoother slightly hairy, short petioled, lanceolate, or ovate-lanceolate, obtuse, slightly mucronate 2-5 cm in length and 2 to 6 mm in breadth.


small, white to purplish-blue, papillonacious, in axillary raceams.


a slender legume containing 4 to 6 brownish-black seeds. Odour is distinct, taste mucilagenous slightly bitter and astringent, the saliva being coloured a yellowish-green.


Southern Europe. Naturalized in United States.

Parts used

Whole plant


Powder light green to yellowish-green Chief diagnostic characters are numerous curved or slightly undulate, thick walled non-glandular hairs,crystal fibers containing monoclinic prisms of calcium oxalate up to 25 u in length and smooth, spheroidal pollengrains up to 20 u in diameter. An alkaloid called galegine (tanret) which is guanidine derivative possessing the property of reducing blood sugar, tannin, bitter principles etc.


  1. Alcoholic concentrated extractive with solvent system ethanol: acetone: Water (60:15:15%) on T.L.C. confirms for the presence of one spot with Rf 0.91 when sprayed with 0.5% 8-hydroxy quinoline in 60% ethanol.
  2. To alcoholic extract when 1 drop of aqueous ferric produced, with disappears on addition of dilute sulphuric acid forming a yellowish-brown precipitate.

Mentioned In

    1. Dorreta and corron do la carriers clinically used it,
    2. mentioned in Clerke; Dictionary of practical Mat. Med. l., 794;
    3. Boericke; Materia Medica with repertory.


Mother Tincture Drug strength 1/10

  • Galega officinalis                  100 g
  • Strong Alcohol q.s.

To make one liter of the Mother Tincture.
English French Lilac
English Galega
English Goat's Rue
English European Goat's Rue
German Pestilenzkrant
French Rue de cheure
Botanical Galega officinalis
English Italian Fitch
English Professor-weed
Part Whole Plant

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Galega Officinalis

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